Your completion of RelationSpace Online will enhance your professional practice with court-involved families because it:

  • is highly relevant to their experience of being in relationship distress specific to high conflict separation;

  • will greatly assist your understanding of their mindset and psychological needs at the time they seek your advice;

  • succinctly covers the psychological & developmental principals that are specific to parents, children and families in separation;

  • demonstrates difficult conversations and how to support your clients with diverse personality traits;

  • deals primarily with matters related to family law and extends knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to your practice needs or professional development;

  • Provides empirical data on time spent engaged in online learning and issuance of a detailed transcript of topic completion with a CPD certificate;

  • It covers up to 7 hours of CPD activity

  • Is very cost effective at $550 / or $440 with a lawyer referral code

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): If RelationSpace Online meets your CPD needs according to the Uniform CPD (Solicitors) Rules 2015 available at may claim 1 CPD unit for each hour of online learning (breaks not included).