What is the waiting time to see a RelationSpace practitioner? 

The admin team at RelationSpace try, wherever possible to meet your appointment expectations in a timely and respectful way. The high demand for psychological services provided by skilled professionals means that our therapists must balance the intake of new individuals or families with the important role of taking care of their existing clients. This may mean approximately 4 weeks notice will be required before we can schedule a series of appointments for you, your ex-partner and your children to attend therapy.

What is evidence based therapy?

Clinicians use techniques in therapy which have scientific evidence that they are effective, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is a type of therapy that helps you understand the way your thoughts, behaviours and moods interact. It is a well established treatment that improves anxiety, depression, relationship problems and stress. There are many other effective therapies to assist separating parents and their children.

What can I expect from a consultation?

A 50-60 minute consultation aims to provide you wish a greater understanding of your emotions, behaviours and actions in order to improve your life.  Consultations are designed to give you knowledge in order for you to take control of your emotions, behaviours and actions.

Who can benefit from  consultations?

Therapy is often viewed only as treatment for people with psychological disorders. However, therapuetic consultations can also be effective for those who do not suffer from psychological disorders. Therapeutic consultations can assist anyone who wants to make changes to their lives by improving their performance, wellbeing or quality of life. This may include improving parent-child relationships, managing anxiety or anger, or improving confidence.

How long does psychological treatment / therapy take to work?

This varies depending on the situation. Simple issues might take just a few sessions, although most clients attend 6-10 sessions. It all depends on the goals you set and the time frame that you would like to work in.  

Can I claim from Medicare immediately for the consultation?

Yes. Consultations at RelationSpace are set at $260 per session and are GST exempt.  The session cost is claimable through Medicare provided the therapist has a Medicare Provider number and the client is on a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP). A MHTP  is provided by a General Practitioner (GP) and you bring the plan with you to your first appointment at RelationSpace.  There is a Medicare easy claim terminal on-site, meaning you do not need to visit a Medicare office to claim the rebate. The Medicare prescribed refund amount will go into your cheque or savings account within minutes of the full account being settled.

What is Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and how does it work at RelationSpace?

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are accredited by the Attorney General's Department to mediate or resolve disputes between parents. At RelationSpace, our FDRP's are experts in parenting matters and helping separated parents develop a Parenting Plan or way that they can peacefully get on with the task of co-parenting in a situation of separation or divorce.  The majority of families that go through a mediation process at RelationSpace reach an agreement. There is then support for helping the parents met the agreement that has been made in the short, medium and long-term.  Sometimes when parents can't reach an agreement together, or when mediation is not suitable, the FDRP can issue a Section 60I certificate. This allows you to file an application in a court. Each adult will attend a 1.5 hour "pre-mediation" which is an individual and private session with the practitioner. If suitable, the adults will then proceed to a 3 hour joint mediation. This may not require the adults to be present in the same room at the same time, this is called a 'shuttle mediation'.  The adults, together with the FDRP work together to come to a workable agreement on the parenting goals that matter to them.

What is Family Therapy and how does it work at RelationSpace?

Dealing with separation is hard for everyone in the family - and because RelationSpace is a children's practice too, therapists will always require an individual consultation with each adult before meeting the children. Sometimes therapists work with the adults in separate (or joint) appointments for some weeks before involving the child.  Therapists work to repair separated relationships between a parent/s and a child/ren or difficulties between siblings that may arise from the parental conflict. Therapists at RelationSpace have special interest knowledge in attachment, alienation, step-parenting, same-sex parenting, surrogacy, complex family dynamics and family violence.


What is Parenting Coordination and how does it work at RelationSpace?

Parenting Coordination is a term commonly used in the United States but is relatively unknown in Australia. It describes a method or a system where families are supported once they have an Order, a parenting plan or a direction from a Judge on their parenting matter. If you are in a Family Court process in Australia, you may have Interim Orders or Final Orders. It is possible you and your ex-partner have an agreement that you came to together or with the assistance from an FDRP or family therapist.  An experienced professional at RelationSpace can help you manage ongoing issues with a ex-partner and the parenting agreement you have reached.  You can get support and help in how to implement, follow, comply or re-look at a parenting arrangement, or help to manage Court Orders.  With the right support you can protect, sustain and adapt the agreement that you have so that you can provide the best support to your children at the time they need it most.  Engaging with a professional at RelationSpace could help keep things on track and be a place to come back to if things start to go wrong.  


What is RelationSpace Online?

RelationSpace Online is a new, interactive program for high conflict separating parents and provides an access anywhere/anytime online learning experience aimed at reducing the conflict of separation. RelationSpace Online distills the best parts of the RelationSpace clinical practice that has helped  thousands of families in similar situations.


Do I need a referral to come to RelationSpace or to enrol in RelationSpace Online?

The Courts, your family lawyer or legal practitioner, physician or other professional may suggest you look into getting some help from the services offered at RelationSpace. They may suggest you enrol in RelationSpace Online to find some immediate, targeted support, or to book an appointment.

You do not need any referral for appointments or to enrol in RelationSpace Online.

Program enrolment to RelationSpace Online is immediate, offers content and material that is usually provided in the first 4 to 6 sessions with a clinical psychologist or therapist and offers a comprehensive program transcript and certificate on completion.  You may use this certificate and transcript to show that you have completed and engaged in the program learning.  


How long is RelationSpace Online and how much does it cost?

Most users take between 8 and 10 hours to complete the material presented in the program. However, you can spend as much time as you like reviewing lessons and material, downloading resources and practising the skills. You can go back and review the videos and the lessons as often as you wish over your 12 week personal access period.  

There are several options on enrolment pricing:

 An introductory "launch" price of $550 (inc GST) is on offer until the next release of the program planned for late 2018.  

You may wish to package a your first practitioner consultation with your enrolment at $660 (inc GST) or;

Or a 2 enrolment package may suit you if you and your ex-partner wish to split the program cost at $770 (inc GST) for both enrolments.  

The benefit to you and your children that you will gain from RelationSpace Online will be invaluable:

So click here to get started today.