Family Violence Counseling Services


Dr. Catherine Boland has gathered a skilled team of professionals at The RelationSpace creating a centre of excellence in helping children, parents and individuals improve the quality of their relationships.

Practitioners at The RelationSpace have specialised training and experience in clinical psychology, social work, mediation, family therapy, educational and developmental psychology and family law.

Our mission is to provide effective, evidence-based interventions and services to help build stronger relationships and negotiate healthy ways to cope with relationship change. Our team provides a comprehensive range of services and regularly participates in training, supervision and professional development.

Our particular expertise centres on assisting families and children who are negotiating a separation or divorce within the Family Court, through legal proceedings or outside the court system. Our experts work with families and other professionals to develop and implement child-focused parenting arrangements.

The RelationSpace practitioners provide mediation services (S60 I Certificates); expert reports (Chapter 15 reports) and also provide Court Ordered family therapy and intervention. Our services also include individual and family therapy; couples counselling; and parenting training. The RelationSpace seeks to help individuals, children, couples and families build happier, stronger relationships through relationship education and skills training.