Court Ordered Counseling

Prepare / Enrich Course

Are you seeking to strengthen or heal your relationship? Have you drifted apart or lost the “spark” due to the pressures of daily life? Do you need help restoring your relationship? Prepare/Enrich is a customised couple assessment, completed online that identifies your strengths and growth areas.  It is helpful for couples at all stages, whether dating, living together, premarital, or married. After you have completed the online questionnaire, you will have a minimum of 3x1 hour feedback sessions to discuss and understand your results and learn proven relationship skills. Areas covered include communication skills, conflict resolution, and relationship roles and dynamics. 

Parents can also benefit from the Prepare/Enrich Parenting version which empowers you by providing insight into your parenting styles, family dynamics, and couple relationship. This can be particularly helpful if you are facing the challenges of a newly blended family.

Joy Chan is a registered Prepare/Enrich group facilitator.

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