Court Ordered Counseling

Separation Coaching

Separation coaching is a confidential service where clients are supported with specialist coaching to navigate a raft of emotional and practical challenges before or after separation.

At a time when you are feeling overwhelmed and confused, one or more coaching sessions will help you to focus on important issues and assist you to make rational decisions. This will enable you to move forward in an informed and positive way.

You may need help to tackle some of the following challenges:

  • Deciding whether to stay or leave your marriage; 

  • Information about various process that can assist you develop parenting plans and settle your finances;

  • Referrals and preparation to meet with legal, financial, housing and other clinical professionals;

  • Information and strategies to help you understand, and reduce, the impact of separation on your child/ren; 

  • Strategies to ease the stress of living under the same roof;

  • Communication strategies to help you build an effective parenting relationship with your former partner;

  • Skills to manage conflicted and toxic relationships.

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