Marriage Guidance Counselling 

Couples Therapy

Strengthening relationships at any stage of the life cycle is a focus of our work at The RelationSpace. Couples can seek assistance in order to improve communication, reduce conflict, increase intimacy, resolve ongoing issues and work together to develop a shared sense of purpose.

Couples therapy provided at The RelationSpace is based on evidence-based interventions that provide you with skills to improve your relationship. Couples therapy involves practising newly acquired skills including: communication tools, behavioural habits and thinking styles.

Sometimes couples therapy can be a short-term and useful intervention when faced with an external stressor or when a couple is facing significant change. For example couples who are considering starting a family; have moved country of residence; are approaching retirement; have health or employment changes or are facing other challenges . Couples who are dealing with the challenges of blended families may also seek short-term assistance to develop skills to negotiate complex family relationships.