Court Ordered Counseling

Court Ordered Therapy

A Court may direct a family to attend The RelationSpace at any time during the proceedings to resolve issues that may exist or have arisen with respect of children involved in the family breakdown. A Court may require the therapy to be completed before any decisions will be made.

 Sometimes a Court will direct families to engage in “reportable” family therapy, where all parties are aware from the outset that the practitioner may be called on to provide some opinion (e.g. about appropriate parenting arrangements) to the Court at a later time. At other times, therapy may be confidential and unable to be used in Court proceedings. 

The RelationSpace offers an effective model of Court ordered family therapy where the process is engaging, proactive and results in the best possible outcome for children. Working with skilled clinicians who understand the unique pressures of a family separation within a legal framework provides clarity in situations which are often high conflict and heavily burdened.