Family and Relationship Counselling

Parenting & Family Relationships

The birth of a child heralds an extraordinary time in a person’s life. The transition from independent adult or couple to ‘parent’ can be exhilarating, joyous, terrifying, stressful or all of these and more. The domain of parenting challenging children, parenting in cooperation with your partner and navigating family relationships are common reasons people consult with The RelationSpace practitioners.

Clients seek the help of experienced therapists at The RelationSpace in order to resolve family relationships that are in need of assistance and to move forward to more neutral ground where change can take place. Talking with an experienced professional can help you make sense of your role in the dynamic, understand the relationship complexities and teach you how to modify or change your behaviour and beliefs in order to improve your personal and family relationships.

Family therapy involves all members of a family unit and aims to teach families to solve problems, communicate positively and develop a sense of respectful relationship building.