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Catherine James



After completing a B. Science (Hons) degree at University of Sydney in 1992 and gaining a qualification in Geology, it didn't take Catherine long to realise that a life in a remote, hot and mineral-rich part of Australia was not what she had in mind. Obtaining a Dip.Ed the following year, Catherine became a secondary school science teacher, hanging up her lab coat in 1999 to pursue another opportunity.

Commencing in 1999 at the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney, Catherine went on to contribute 16 years of service to the Canadian Government in her role as a locally-engaged Immigration Officer.  

Involved with Relationspace since 2012 her experience in management, innovation and leadership has been instrumental in bringing Relationspace Online to life. Catherine manages the practice, staff, practitioners, Online program, and drives new Relationspace projects.

Catherine says:  Learning, education and communication of new ideas have been a focus of my career roles to date.  Bringing an idea like Relationspace Online to a community of good people who find themselves in a difficult life stage is very satisfying.  I know that Relationspace Online will assist many families going through a high conflict separation to get back on track, focus on their parenting and improve the mental health outcomes for their children.  I am very proud of the work we do at Relationspace.