Dr. Catherine Boland | Principal of Relationspace.



Dr. Catherine Boland is a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in working with children, young people and parents who are experiencing relationship issues and are in situations of family conflict and separation. She is an accomplished speaker, author and clinician who understands the complex realities of child and adolescent mental health and provides evidence-based direction to those who work with them. Catherine is an experienced therapist offering services to families in Court proceedings where children are involved. Catherine has developed a model by which families ordered to attend therapy are assessed, treated and reported. She is frequently called upon to interview families in the context of providing expert opinion and report.

Catherine holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a Master Of Clinical Psychology (Hons), a Bachelor of Psychology (Clinical, Hons) and a Bachelor of Education. Catherine is a full member of the Australia Psychological Association (APS), the Australian Association for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (AACBT) and the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS). She also provides supervision and training for clinical psychologists.

Catherine has worked in a range of sectors as a clinical psychologist. She has worked in hospital, educational and community settings prior to working in private practice. Catherine now works exclusively in private practice as Principal of Relationspace.  She is the author and presenter of Relationspace Online, a child-focussed, evidence based psychological intervention for parents who are engaging with the Family Law system in Australia.  This specialised online resource is targeted at providing a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy intervention online; a distillation of the most critical learning activities and cognitive strategies that Catherine provides to her clients to help them manage co-parenting after a high conflict separation situation.

Catherine has authored a number of papers in the field of clinical psychology. She frequently appears in the popular media providing commentary on parenting and family relationships. She speaks at conferences and workshops on topics of child development, parenting and clinical intervention in high conflict families.