Sylvia Martin 



Sylvia’s professional qualification is as a social worker. After graduating from the University of New South Wales she spent a number of years employed in a research position and in 1978 commenced work with Professor Julian Katz, then Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry, Institute of Child Health at Sydney University.

Subsequent employment within the Department of Child and Family Psychiatry (at what was then the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children) Sylvia developed valuable skills in clinical assessment of children and their families, as well as in child psychotherapy, adult and family therapy and working closely with families facing a variety of difficulties with ranging levels of severity. Sylvia then went on to Royal North Shore Hospital for a number of years and eventually found her way to the Family Court of Australia in 1994. During her time with the Court as a Family Counsellor, Sylvia conducted conferences with parents to try to help them to find a reasonable and child-focused way of parenting their children post marital separation.

She assessed children and families in order to assist parties to come to an appropriate parenting arrangement and assessed children and families for the purpose of preparing family reports. Sylvia moved on from the Family Court in 2015 to continue her career in private practice at Relationspace where she brings many years of family counseling and expertise to families in dispute.